Motoring with Monte

Motoring with Monte

Last week my cousin Doug blew through Denver on his Harley on his way to Sturgis bike rally, via the California Coast. I decided to tag along and rode with him through sleet, rain and fog for about 3 and a half hours! You'd think it would get above 51 degrees in July...but it didn't, and boy was I glad to have the heated grips and adjustable windscreen on my custom painted Yamaha FJR!  We had to don our rain gear, and keep the hammer down to try and outrun the weather, which doesn't actually work, but makes it more interesting for sure. Doug continued on his route the next day, and I headed back down to Denver to get back to work, but it was a nice getaway from the art table.

Are you still with me? I hope so, and here is your reward.  In the picture below, you will see on my Black and Silver Yamaha there is a paint scheme, that only true fans of the genre will recognize. Tell me what logo is painted on the site of the fairing (not the Yamaha symbol on the hard luggage). Here's a hint, look to the photo of us getting GAS!!!  The first person to email me with the answer, will receive a signed Limited Edition print, only available in Japan!

On the road in the cold weather

What's that symbol on the back of my's hard to tell....any guesses?

It's Cold at 9000 feet!

A brief stop for fuel and to warm up a bit before heading over the Winter Park pass! The hint of the symbol I am after is in the above photo.

Monte's Custom FJR

Here's a better view of my landspeeder on the way back from Kansas City, where I napped for 3 hours under a tree. You can see part of the symbol I am after, peeking out from the fairing, just behind the front tire...what is it? Email me first, and get your free print!!!


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