Missing Art

Missing Art

During April of 2002, at the Pittsburgh, PA. Comic Con, I had a black portfolio case stolen containing 10 paintings which I would love to have back. Although, after this much time, I don't expect to ever see this art again, I am offering a reward for its return. If you have any information on the following pieces of art, please contact me at monte@mavarts.com. Please keep your eyeballs peeled if you frequent art or other applicable sites and locations where they might appear.

A very special THANK YOU goes out to Tamara! A VERY honest person who was given two of these stolen paintings as a gift. The missing art was purchased in a comic book store in the Maryland area. Tamara found this page online, contacted me and returned two paintings. It brings my heart much joy to know there are rare and honest people still left in the world who would go to the extent that she did. Thank you again! If you have acquired any of these paintings through a similar manner, please contact me.  Thank you, Monte.


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