Fine Art Gallery

Fine Art Gallery

Here is a collection of Gallery/Museum quality fine art pieces, often created over a series of week, months and even years.  Several of these pieces are Master's Recreations under the mentorship of Master painter/teacher/author Frank Covino, whom I've studied under for nearly 20 years.  Frank requires that dedicated students create at least 3 recreations of the Masters (preferably Renaissance Masters) works before a student applies these techniques to their own creations.  These paintings follow the same teachings and techniques from the Renaissance including using marble gesso on board, a verdaccio underpainting of grey/green tones and a series of glazes for the application of color.  Some of these paintings are quite valuable, and have been professionally appraised as such, but if you are interested in one of these pieces that currently hangs in my home/gallery, please send me an inquiry.  - Thank you - Monte M. Moore - Artist

  • Masters Recreation: Sir Anthony Van Dyke  » Click to zoom ->

    Masters Recreation: Sir Anthony Van Dyke

  • Majesty  » Click to zoom ->


  • Masters Recreation: Evening Mood  » Click to zoom ->

    Masters Recreation: Evening Mood


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