Digital Art Gallery

Digital Art Gallery

These images were created in photoshop, and utilize a Cintiq digital drawing tablet.  I'm looking forward to improving my digital art skills as the world moves forward and the digital medium continues to revolutionize ways to create new and exciting imagery.  I still love the traditional mediums of drawing and painting due to the satisfaction of being able to touch, hold and smell your creation and keeping artistic traditions alive.  We live in a very unique time, where the inventions of technology and the traditions of hundreds of years of art come together to create a new and exciting medium.

  • Zenescope Cover for GFT  » Click to zoom ->

    Zenescope Cover for GFT

  • Full Service  » Click to zoom ->

    Full Service

  • Dutch Harbor Hottie  » Click to zoom ->

    Dutch Harbor Hottie

  • Grog Bomb Ad Poster  » Click to zoom ->

    Grog Bomb Ad Poster

  • Sanctuary of Fire  » Click to zoom ->

    Sanctuary of Fire

  • Bombs Away!  » Click to zoom ->

    Bombs Away!

  • Blazing Stance  » Click to zoom ->

    Blazing Stance

  • Concentration  » Click to zoom ->


  • Gown of Glory  » Click to zoom ->

    Gown of Glory

  • Beguiling Mermaid  » Click to zoom ->

    Beguiling Mermaid

  • Mistwalker  » Click to zoom ->


  • Mountain Teeze  » Click to zoom ->

    Mountain Teeze

  • American Made Teeze  » Click to zoom ->

    American Made Teeze

  • Talisman  » Click to zoom ->



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