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Monte has worked with many top shelf clients during his more than 25 years as a commercial illustrator. His work has been commissioned on a broad spectrum of topics, including comics, gaming, science-fiction, fantasy and entertainment.


  • Lucasfilm Ltd. – Officially licensed Star Wars artist (officially licensed prints, industrial design/illustration and video game art)
  • Sony Online – Video game trading card art (Star Wars and Legends Norrath).
  • Playboy – Officially licensed “Uniquely Playmates” artist.
  • Topps Cards – Star Wars, Marvel, Lady Death, Clone Wars and Lord of the Rings trading cards. - 2015 The Force Awakens trading card artist.
  • DC Comics – “VS” cardgame artist, Denver Comic-Con Kids Area Backdrop.
  • Marvel Comics – Marvel Masterpieces sketchcards 1998, Dangerous Divas sketchcards, Agent Peggy Carter sketchcards. 
  • Wizards of the Coast – Artist for 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons, Harry Potter TCG, Magic the Gathering, Dragon Magazine, Gamma World, DragonLance Novels and Alternity RPG. 
  • Red 5 - Official Licensee for Star Wars/Lucasfilm, Disney and Garfield.  Exclusive Artist/Designer. (products available online/Amazon/Think Geek)
  • Rittenhouse Archives – Women of Star Trek Voyager trading cards.
  • White Wolf Games – Vampire trading card game artist.
  • Coors Beer - Advertising art for several campaigns through Integer Group Denver. 
  • Miller Lite - Custom Motorcycle Art for Rusty Wallace Last Call motorcycle/tour. 
  • US Olympic Training Committee - logo art for U.S. Olympic Team Suppiers. 
  • Ocean Spray - Muralist for advertising art.
  • Pentax - advertising illustrator.
  • The Australian Outback Collection - fashion/product illustrator. 
  • Lethal Threat – licensed Pin-Up artist.
  • Colorado State University - Illustrator for greeting cards and Alumni Magazine. 
  • Ultra-Pro – Licensed Artist for collectable game storage products.
  • Harley-Davidson – merchandising concept art.
  • The U.S. Marine Corps – T-shirt design/marketing.
  • Sturgis Bike Week – #1 selling t-shirt design Sturgis rally 2008.
  • Phoenix Games – Box Artist for Playstation console games.
  • Image Comics – Cover Artist.
  • The Misfits - Artist for promo art featuring Helen Blazes character. 
  • Moonstone Comics – Cover Artist and Comic book artist.
  • Devil’s Due – Comic Book Cover Artist.
  • Harris Comics – Vampirella Cover Artist.
  • AEG - Trading card artist for Warlord and Legend of the 5 Rings.
  • Nacter Stahl – Cover and Game artist (Germany).
  • Fantasy Imperium – Game Artist.
  • Barrett-Jackson - World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions - 2012 Exclusive T-shirt Designer.
  • The National Finals Rodeo - T-shirt Designer
  • Aspen Comics - Cover Artist
  • Coffin Comics - Lady Death Cover Artist
  • Mile High Comics - Largest Comics Retailer in the World - Cover Artist
  • Roger Corman Films/New Horizons - Legendary Filmmaker - Monster Designer and Movie Poster Artist
  • Distortions Unlimited/"Making Monsters Reality TV Show" - Artist, Designer and featured on the show.
  • Zenescope Comics - Cover Artist (products licensed through Will's Bargains)
  • Bettie Page - Officially licensed artist for prints and trading cards.
  • Men in Black II - Feature Film -  Provided Art for Props (scene went unused)
  • The Guild - Viral Webseries - Provided props, art and sculptures for set decoration. Season 6
  • The Colbert Report - Art of Dungeons and Dragons "Troll" art scene on segment discussing Pres. Obama. 
  • Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun Gaming Artist
  • Heavy Metal Magazine - World's Greatest Illustrated Magazine - Featured Artist
  • Basement Comics - Pin-up Artist.
  • Vogler GMbH - Exclusive Fantasy Sculpture Designer
  • Coffin Comics - Cover Artist for Lady Death comics title.
  • Amyrl Entertainment - Cover artist for Cavewoman comics title.
  • Myndzei Games - Co-Owner and Exclusive artist for Game Design and Manufacturing Company.
  • Denver Comic-Con - Consulting Artist for Marketing and Art Dept.  Official 2014 T-shirt artist.
  • IDW Publishing - Cover Artist for Judge Anderson: PSI Division (drawn by Matt Haley/painted by MMM)
  • Contraband Comics - Cover artist.
  • Upper Deck - Peggy Carter - Agents of Shield card artist.
  • The Boy Scouts of America - concept and patch artist. 
  • Monty Python - licensed/approved artist for BSA project. 
  • The Travel Channel - featured artist on Sturgis Raw and illustrator for Travel Channel Productions. 
  • US Army Medical Corps - Art Director for training video series. Props, Locations, Art and more. 
  • Jay Leno's Garage - breifly shown drawing art in segment on the Plymouth Air Radial Truck build. 
  • Easy Riders Magazine - Article/featured artist. 
  • World Fantasy Art Show - Two Time Winner of Best Black and White Art - 1998 and 2001. 
  • Tarzan - Cover Artist for Edgar Rice Burroughs benefit comic book. 

Monte has also written 11 screenplays, sold 9 scripts options, been hired for two work-for-hire screenwriting gigs and had two feature films already made and produced.  In 2017 three scripts are currently under option by companies in Arizona, Australia and London.   Learn more at IMDB -


Steve Sansweet – Director of Content Management – Lucasfilm Ltd. -“Monte is a friend as well as an excellent artist, whose work I’m proud to have in my collection. In his Star Wars work, he combines the skills of an artisan with the passion of a fan. He virtually created Artists’ Alley at Star Wars Celebration events by showing up at Celebration I and sticking it out for three days in a leaky exhibitors’ tent. Now that’s commitment!”

Rene D. – “Every time I ask Monte to paint something unique he takes a vague concept that I have inarticulately described to him, and turns out a state of the art, flawlessly executed and vibrantly colorful painting. Very highly recommended to turn your concept into reality. I’ll be back for more.”

William R. – “I felt most fortunate when an artist of Monte Moore’s caliber and reputation agreed to do three private commissioned drawings for an everyday person like me. Monte’s very professional and truly down to earth.”

Valdata Optics - “We use Monte for all our graphic design/illustration needs. Monte always meets or exceeds our time frame and our expectations. Highly recommended.”

The Threatened - “When the hardest rockin’ band in Denver needs top notch work, tee shirts, or album cover artwork, the only guy we will use is Monte at MavArts.”

Marcel P. – Essen Germany – “As his first overseas commission and returning customer I’m still looking forward to every piece of work, Monte created. I like the kinds of drawing he does, the details he brings into his works and the passion and love he is doing his art.”

Don E. – “Monte’s artwork far exceeded all of my expectations, the detail in the portraits is practically life like. Not only am I elated with the work he did on my tank, I also plan on him painting other portraits for me as well. Monte takes pride in his work, and is a true professional.”


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