Past Events

Past Events

Over the last 2 Decades, I've been a Guest of Honor Artist at dozens of conventions, and some I've supported as an exhibitor, demonstrator, guest speaker, panelist and more.  If you are interested in having me as a guest at your event, please contact me through my website.

Here is a list of Conventions that have had me (some mulitiple times) as a Guest of Honor Artist: San Diego Comic-Con International 2003, Lucca Comics and Games (Italy) 2006 and 2008, MegaCon Florida, The New York City Comic-Con, Indy Pop Con, FACTS Con (Belgium), ConComics 2013/2014 (Mexico City and Guadalajara), Fantastic Fest ( Italy) 2012, Wizard World Chicago, Portland and more, ACE Comics Expo (New Mexico), LepreCon (Arizona), StellarCon, Big Apple Con (NYC),  Denver Comic-Con 2012/13/14,15 MajestiCon, StellarCon,  Pittsburgh Comic Con (many times), 

I also like to support the shows that support our industry, so here are some I have exhibited at as well - San Diego Comic-Con International (22 years), GenCon Indy (since 1998), C2E2 Chicago, Emerald City Con, Wizard World Chicago, Denver Comic-Con, The SHOT show (Las Vegas), The Las Vegas Comic-Con, The Collectors Expo and many others.

I've also been accepted into some very prestigious Art Shows such as the World Science-Fiction Convention (WorldCon) and twice have won the World Fantasy Con for "Best Black and White Art". 


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