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Denver Comic-Con June 17-19th 2016

Date of Event: June 17-19th

Denver Comic-Con has rapidly grown to the 3rd largest pop-culture event in the country in only just a few years.  This year will see over 100,000 attendees yet again and a growning number of media guests, the largest Artist's Valley in the country, and lots of great pop culture merchandise.

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Emerald City ComicCon Apr 7-10 2016

Date of Event:

Emerald City ComicCon is the Northwest's Premiere Pop-Culture event, with lots and lots of top Comics publishers, oodles of cosplay, lots of gaming and just a ton of fun.

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Con Comics Mexico Dec 12-13 2015

Date of Event:

This will be my fourth time attending Con Comics in Mexico, this time at their largest event in Guadalajara again, Con Comics is the largest pop-culture event in the area with artists, cosplayers, dancers, musicians and so much more, be sure not to miss this event.

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Past Events

Date of Event:
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GenCon Indy Aug 4-7 2016

Date of Event: Aug15-18

Since 1998 I've been attending the Gaming Industry's largest event annually held in the beautiful city of Indianapolis.  This year Maverick Arts and MYNDzei Games will be returning to our usual spot, and have all our wares for sale.

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