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Although I'm not a full time Automotive or Motorcycle Illustrator who exclusively specializes in these themes, my love for the genre and the clients who seek my work have commissioned a nice selection of these pieces over the years.  The following is a brief tour of some of those images, of which many are also available as Limited Edition Prints, and can be purchased here in the Art for Sale section under Prints.  I myself am an avid motorcycle rider and sometimes collector of motorcycles and classic cars, and if you would like to view custom paint work I have created on planes, cars, motorcycles and more, please see my other site exclusively dedicated to this Maverick Custom Paint.


  • Hard Tail  » Click to zoom ->

    Hard Tail

  • Curve Machine  » Click to zoom ->

    Curve Machine

  • The Body Shop  » Click to zoom ->

    The Body Shop

  • BoyToy  » Click to zoom ->


  • Gallery Image  » Click to zoom ->

    Gallery Image

  • Formula One  » Click to zoom ->

    Formula One

  • Lotus in the Rain  » Click to zoom ->

    Lotus in the Rain

  • 50th Anniversary  » Click to zoom ->

    50th Anniversary

  • TrueLines  » Click to zoom ->


  • Turbo Lover  » Click to zoom ->

    Turbo Lover

  • Dreamsicle  » Click to zoom ->


  • Stung  » Click to zoom ->


  • Tribute  » Click to zoom ->


  • Classic Beauty  » Click to zoom ->

    Classic Beauty

  • 38 Special  » Click to zoom ->

    38 Special

  • Chevy Bowtie  » Click to zoom ->

    Chevy Bowtie

  • Built4Speed  » Click to zoom ->


  • Cherry  » Click to zoom ->


  • Driven  » Click to zoom ->


  • Cornerman  » Click to zoom ->



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